Principal Architect: Mohamed M. Radwan

Mohamed M. Radwan founded Z line DeZine in 2008. Mohamed M. Radwan is currently the Principal Architect and Managing Director of Z line DeZine.


“Architecture transforms space and sets man in it, thus changing man and space. Despite ourselves, we suspect that we and the space in which we dwell, are different and we thrive to be one with the space in which we dwell in, as much as we want to be one with the space that dwells in us.

An architect exudes good will.

Ultimately, an architect’s inherent striving for excellence and perfection is none other than his general striving for recognizing who he is; and it’s this very striving force that drives me, to become a better architect, in order to know myself.”

Principal Architect and Managing Director
Mohamed M. Radwan


2006 Co-designed Award winning Designopolis as part of Kamel Construction & Research Group.
2006 Co-designed Al Watany Bank HQ building in New Cairo, with Arch. Ahmed Emam an entry that won the 2nd place in the international architecture competition set up by the Owner.

2008 published Zed magazine, a quarterly youth magazine concerned with community,development and building social and cultural awareness.
2009 Co-Directed a 10 minutes documentary video feature titled “Gaza – Refugees of the memory”, with film maker Karim Shaa’ban the feature was shown in El Sawi cultural wheel on the 15th of May 2009, as part of an art exhibition about the 2008-2009 Gaza conflict.

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