Live Photos: Dar Zain Stand in Cityscape Egypt 2012

Opening the door to one of the region’s largest real estate markets, Cityscape Egypt 2012 (next move) showcased the country’s appeal to key investors and real estate professionals from around the world.

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Dar Zain approached Z line Dezine for a design of their Exhibition Stand in Cityscape Egypt 2012, the design brief was that they want to show case Dar Zain as a consolidated entity along it’s 3 subsidiary companies (Dar Zain Real Estate, Design Intentions & Dar Zain Facility Management , as well as two of it’s business partners  without losing the wholesomeness and unity of the overall brand.

Z line dezine created a minimal design, playing on the brand image and colors of Dar Zain, and extenuating it with linear and vertical lines.

Designer: Mohamed Radwan
Client: Dar Zain Group
Area: 185.5 m²
Date: 2012

View the Original Design: Dar Zain Stand in Cityscape Cairo 2012

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