Design: 7D Simulator Cinema in Downtown Mall

The final design of 7D Simulator Cinema in Downtown Mall, in New Cairo. 7D Simulator Cinema is an entertainment cinema system, that mixes unique 3D movie experience with extreme motion, sound and special effects. The show features special effects like wind-snow-rain-fog-smoke and 3D motion, all synchronized to the shown movies, in order to “the ultimate movie experience”.

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Already successful in Alexandria, 7D approached Z line Dezine to re-brand and create a new concept for their Cairo outlets.  The Downtown Mall Cinema is the First application of the new concept, and it is also the first 7D Cinema in Cairo. It is located in Building 1, Downtown Mall, Road 90, and it features a 9 seats show area.

Designer: Mohamed Radwan
Client: 7D Simulator Cinema
Area: 36 m²
Date: 2012

View the Post Construction Photos: 7D Simulator Cinema in Downtown Mall

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