Live Photos: The Living Redesign!

The living room is one of the most essential spaces in any house, it were the residents spend most of there time, and where most of the daily activities taking place. That is why the living room acts is usually the focal point of the entire house and can leave a lasting impression (good or bad) on a visitor.

The living room also is the space where the true identity of the residents is expressed to the outsiders, because it is stripped from the formalities of the reception area, and yet not as intimate and private as the living quarters.

These are the photos of the living room of Mohamed Radwan, after it has undergone a radical redesign in 2008. The space was originally a living room-design studio-creative room, but then was redesigned to be just a “Living” room, literally! The fusion between Arabic Calligraphy and Minimal lines is one of the hallmarks of Z line DeZine, and the usage of Black, White and Red also. The Arabic text on the walls features verses from Qur’an and Arabic poetry by Khalil Gibran and Elia Abu Madi.

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Designer: Mohamed Radwan
Location: Cairo
Photography by: Adham Bakry
Date: 2008

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