Red Bull Egypt Head Quarters

Red Bull Egypt requested a design for their new Head Quarters in New Cairo. The Energy Beverage Brand requested a design that reflects their Brand Philosophy and Spirit.

We aimed to reflect Red Bull’s energetic youthful image in our design. We wanted to design a space that would encourage interaction between employees while encapsulating the values of the brand.

Red Bull prides itself in the vast array of adrenalin sports it is actively involved in, underpinned by its slogan: ‘stimulate body and mind’. We worked with them before on their two X-Fighters events in Egypt. Hence, our central design idea evolved from this – an environment that would stimulate employees and users, and that would express the energy and excitement associated with the brand.

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Designer: Mohamed Radwan
Client: Red Bull
Area: 350m²
Location: Cairo
Date: 2010


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