Design: State Plaza Entrance Lobby

The design proposal of “State Plaza” Entrance and lobby area. The owners of State Plaza, a new Office Building in New Cairo’s Business district, required a design for proposal the building’s Entrance and lobby area. The lobby is almost of a total area of 180 m², and the design program includes a front desk, a lounge area and other services.

The owners wanted to stress the uniqueness of State Plaza, in providing premium office space & state of the art technology, to offer the best and most productive working environment. The owner also wanted to express the building’s identity.

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Designer: Mohamed Radwan
Client: State Plaza
Area: 180 m²
Location: New Cairo
Date: 2010

3 thoughts on “Design: State Plaza Entrance Lobby

  1. I love Corporate world.I left teaching as a faculty in University .This new world is interesting,exciting challenging and passionate in the sense that In this world every day I get learn something new. Our Corporate Office is fascinating. Full of glasses the wooden wall(colour semi meheguni ) and conference tables lightmeheguni:wonderful contrast indeed. But at night there is no scope to watch sky and its sometimes hard to differentiate between day and night if I m too busy. Thought now My posting is an another place I miss Corporate head office. Present posting place al least I can watch the sky.

  2. Here the pics : the lobby is spacious , broad wide and i can see the shadow of the plant in the wall. Why yellow? I wonder.Glass the wooden combination-fascinating again I wonder the the wall where the reflection of so many mechanical circles: reminds of clock inward instrument :THE TIME.

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