Design: Amer Showroom at Porto Sokhna

Amer group requested a design proposal for their showroom at Porto Sokhna, in Al Ain el-Sokhna. Porto Sokhna is Egypt’s first-ever mountain-top resort and golf course. The 2.5 million square meter resort rises 270 meters above sea level and stretches down to the warm waters of the Red Sea, Amer Group’s most ambitious residential development up to date.

The showroom is a total area of 228 m², and the client brief requested that it would be colorful, inviting and refelcting Amer philosophy of developing real estate “with value”, for the people and to offer an enjoyable and joyful lifestyle for it’s clients.

The design was carried out mostly using the color red which became Amer’s Hallmark through the years.

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Designer: Mohamed Radwan
Client: Amer Group
Area: 228 m²
Location: Al Ain el-Sokhna
Date: 2009


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