Design: BMW 5 Series Launch Event

A design proposal for the BMW 5 Series launch event in Egypt, 2009, designed by Mohamed M. Radwan, under Lead Marketing Solutions. The Design consists of a circular outdoor venue, accessed via a BMW History tunnel.

The History tunnel consists of 20 repetitive square frames which rotate 4.5 degrees each time, each frame symbolizes a landmark in BMW History, offering a timeline of BMW achievements.  the frames are spanned by glass and stretch fabric which rotates with the frames, and offers a slow reveal of the venue as the guest progresses through the History tunnel.

The event venue itself is carried out on 3 zones, each on a different level, to offer maximum visibility of the stage area, where the 5 Series will be revealed. The 3 zones are: High tables Zone, Seating area, and VIP lounges.

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Designer: Mohamed Radwan
Client: Bavarian Auto Group
Date: 2009

The 5 Series reveal stand design is available here.

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